About Us

Cal Mortgage Rates provides an assortment of low interest home mortgage loan products, to hard money short-term financing for real estate investors & investors.

Our mortgage team excels in offering a full line of conventional mortgage products for our consumer clients. Additionally, Cal Mortgage Rates offers our hard money lender investors and stakeholders practical knowledge and wisdom, combined with a wealth of experience without the big bank red tape issues.

We understand home owners, investors, brokers and mortgage lending.

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With a comprehensive set of lender and investor resources, Cal Mortgage Rates has the capability and knowledge power to provide a wide range of conventional mortgages and hard money lending products.

Our team is always innovating the market to best meet our client’s unique needs and demands.

Cal Mortgage Rates Advantages


When we help you succeed, then we all succeed. Each mortgage loan is not just a transaction deal, it’s our pride and livelihood. We want to be your mortgage partner not only today, but also in the future.


We make it very easy and simple. You won’t jump over hurdles to close your mortgage loan with Cal Mortgage Rates. If the home and mortgage makes sense for you, our team will close it.


We don’t need to beat around the bush when it comes to communication. You get an answer to your question and upfront mortgage rates fast. Most slow moving big banks don’t have the flexibility to make it simple. Also our hard, private money deals are structured with interest only payments with a full-balloon payoff. That’s it.

Fast & Easy Lender, Specialized Products.
Straight-forward Terms.
Exceptional Service.

With an expectational team of seasoned lender professionals, we excel in helping our clients with purchase loans, rate and term refinances, and obtaining cashout. With cutting edge technology and lending partners across the nation, we help finance real estate acquisitions, rehabitation and refinancing homes and investment projects. Mortgage expertise in:

  • Rate & Term Refinance
  • Purchase Loans
  • Fix & Flip
  • Cash Out & Refinance
  • Bridge Financing
  • Alternative Loans
  • Hard Money
  • Private Money