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We make it simple… We know that speed is essential with an ever-evolving environment. Our team is seasoned and experienced to move fast to close your loan.

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Our mission is to provide the right mortgage loan to our clients. we match our clients specific situations to get the right loan product at the best rate possible. We value our clients referrals. and appreciate all of their referrals.

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Our clients are not just customers, we are partnerships found it on our reputation, trust and just getting the job done. Our team works tirelessly and diligently to provide you the best experience. We love seeing smiles.

Fast, Flexible Mortgage Products

Our flexible mortgage product solutions succeed where others do not, or do not want to put the time an energy into helping their clients. we have partnered with over 50 lenders and investors to deliver quality, low-rate mortgages for our clients.

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California Mortgage Rate Loans

Purchase Loans

Purchase loans are our specialty. With a very experienced background in real estate and being a member of the California Association of Realtors, we are well first with the purchase process. We know the contracts and how to best work with listing agents and sellers. Many times sellers inquire about getting a new mortgage on their next home purchase as well.

Refinance Loans

Refinance loans are our most popular mortgage loans. We provide our clients with amazing, low rates in products that meet there needs. From having the lowest cost rates to having no fee loans, we consistently beat our competitors and those big box, banks. We do this without all of the red tape that is not needed.

Fix n’ Flip / Rehab

Our quick investor loans are used by our investors over and over. Many investors will do 5 to 10 loans a year based on the investment project they have going on. these types of loans require very little documentation and in most cases no income documentation or asset information such as bank statements and tax returns. We close these loans within 7 to 10 business days.

Apartments (5+ Units)

Multifamily commercial loans are popular with our investors as well. Many times the investor is in a business entity such as a corporation or LLC. We have quick loans that can close on a deal especially when speed is the priority. These types of loans also require very little income documentation.

Cashout Loans

Cash out refinance loans are great for both the homeowner and investors. Using low mortgage rates to finance their existing debt or acquire knew real estate is a good reason to cash out on the equity that you built. We line up your investment goals with the cash out requirements that you seek.

Foreign Nationals, Income or Other Issues

Creating solutions that work for everybody is our top skill. If a deal makes sense, we can help consult with our lending partners to show that this is a mortgage loan that works. Whether someone has an alternative income source, which in many cases are self-employed people, we work hard to help make real deals close.

General Hard Money Guidelines*

  • Business Purpose Only
  • Owner-Occupied considered for business purpose
  • Fast 7-10 Day Close
  • Fixed Rate, interest only payments
  • No Prepayment Penalty
  • 650 and Better Credit Score
  • 12 to 36 Month Terms
  • $5 Million Maximum Loan Amount / Commercial Loans have No Loan Amount Limit
  • Fees: $1,450 underwriting + $650 doc fees

Rates, Fees, and Programs are subject to change without notice.

Commercial Loan programs, guidelines, requirements, and fees may differ.

*Subject to change without notice. Consult with us today to get upfront pricing and requirements on your specific deal.

Thousands of Clients Are Proud To Work With Us

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Loan Amount $850,000

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Loan Amount $765,000

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Loan Amount $625,000